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Video Clips


Light Weight Power Wood Kick(7 boards, NO SPACER)-Runner Up US Breaking Champion 2004  (ISKA) Mohegun Sun-CT

 -  File size: 4 mb
 -  Lenght: 29 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

Light Weight Power Wood Hand Strike (7 boards, NO
SPACER)- US Breaking Champion 2004 (ISKA)
Mohegun Sun-CT. The new National & World Record for Light Weight under 200 lbs.

 -  File size: 4 mb
 -  Lenght: 32 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

US Open ISKA Martial Arts Tournaments broadcast by ESPN-2.  Freestyle Breaking.

File size: 15mb
Lenght: 1 min 44 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

The clips are from a belt promotion test in July 2006.  The sparring is without any protection exept groin cup and mouth pece (which are optional).  The blocks for breaking are 1.5in thick concrete.

Baseball bat breaking with shin

 -  File size: 2 mb
 -  Lenght: 10 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

Baseball bat - self defense.

 -  File size: 1 mb
 -  Lenght: 7 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

Breaking 1.5 inch wood board with one thumb.

 -  File size: 2 mb
 -  Lenght: 6 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

Promotion test between Robert Fatakhov-White Belt
in  Shootfighting (National Judo Champion) VS Julius
Smith (NY State Full Contact Champion 2003-4)

 -  File size: 24 mb
 -  Lenght: 3 min 6 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

Boris Spitalsky-White Belt (Russian-Tae Kwon Do 1s
Black Belt & Queens-Spartac Instructor) VS Julius
Smith (Asst. Instructor at NYCity Martialarts)

 -  File size: 23 mb
 -  Lenght: 2 min 59 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

Julius Smith VS Robert Garod

 -  File size: 26 mb
 -  Lenght: 3 min 17 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

Breaking of 1.5 in concrete.  First is Boris Spitalsky, second is Robert Fatakhov,  third is Robert Garod

 -  File size: 9 mb
 -  Lenght: 1 min 17 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it

At a gun range shooting 3 guns.  23 shots 3 misses.

 -  File size: 3 mb
 -  Lenght: 35 sec
 View the video streamed
 Download it


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We are happy to announce there is a new Skinny Jeans Bootcamp available every Friday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Baruch College.
Email Donald to RSVP.

Congratulations to Damir, Dimash, Anthony, Ryan, Eugene, and Daniel Bido for their success in the
2012 NAGA tournament.

Congratulations to Damir, Dimash, Anthony and Andrew for their success in the

2011 NAGA tournament.

Our school has been added as a NAGA Accredited school.
The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) - Coming to a city near you!

Here is an article written about the kickboxing event. (pdf format 7.3 MB)

We are happy to announce one of our students, Andrea Bereck, will make her fighting debut in amateur kickboxing on May 30, 2009.

MMA, BJJ, and CKM classes start 09.06.08
Self Defense and Thai Kickboxing classes start 09.20.08


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